Kerbside & Multi-trip Recycling Bags

Our Kerbie® brand kerbside recycling bags are tailor-made for the collection of dry recyclables, such as plastic, paper, cans, and cardboard. The bags are of varying capacities, typically in the range 50 to 90 liters, colour-coded in line with common industry practice, and are multi-trip, designed to be used many times over. Product Information Sheets are available for each product. Use the ‘Enquire’ tool to request them.

Kerbside backs are an excellent alternative to bins and boxes when collecting waste and recycling, they are suitable for various locations but in particular great for residents with limited space, for example, apartments or high-rise flats.

Easy to store and distribute, Kerbie® bags are UV resistant and manufactured from recyclable 100% woven
polypropylene, making them tough and durable.

Bags are available coated or uncoated (stock bags are made from uncoated fabric), with a weighted base option
to ensure that they stay put and are fitted with two strap handles and a tipping strap for easier handling.

An optional clear, re-sealable document pouch can be sewn in or incorporated to contain printed material to
promote recycling schemes, instructions as to what should be placed in the bag for collection, waste, and recycling
calendars and other council communication

Kerbie Bags

Code Description Size (mm) Strap Handles Tipping Strap Securing Tie Enquire
PP3545BLV 55L Blue bag with a Velcro fastening top, ideal for the storage & collection of newspapers & magazines, or other dry recyclables 350x350x450 2 1 -
PP4545G 90L Green bag, suitable for the storage & collection of garden waste or dry recyclables 450x450x450 2 1 -
PP4545BRV 90L Brown bag with Velcro fastening top, also used for the collection of green waste 450x450x450 2 1 -
PP4590COL 180L White bag for the collection of polythene 450x450x900 2 - 1

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