Help The Planet With These Easy Steps

Today (22nd April) is Earth Day, a day to celebrate the wonders of the planet which we inhabit. The world is a beautiful place, one which we greatly admire – its beauty is something we are keen to observe and maintain. It is often seen as ‘easy’ to damage the planet, but we think it is even easier to help preserve and save it. We have devised some easy steps which we can all take, to help protect and conserve the Earth in which we live.

Meal planning - Reduce Your Food Waste

Reduce you food waste

We have spoken about food waste a lot in our blogs, this is because it is a growing but incredibly manageable issue. WRAP research shows we now ( as of 2018) throw away 6.6 million tonnes of household food waste a year in the UK, this shocking number can be so easily reduced by simple steps such as meal planning, shopping lists, freezing food and soup and broth making. 

Walk wherever you can

Although it is more often convenient to jump in our cars and drive to the local shops, it would be far better for us and the environment to walk. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, shorter trips to places where you could easily walk are amongst the worst offenders for CO2 emissions. By walking to nearby places your not only improving the health of the planet but also your own health whilst saving on money.

Litter picks

Whilst on these walks why not take a pair of gloves, a litter pick (if owned) and a bag and collect rubbish on your travels. It is a quick, effortless task that is helping reduce the pollution on our planet.

Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

An easy one to forget, but did you know by turning off your tap you’ll save about 5 gallons of water.


When in daylight, open your curtains, blinds and shutters and let the natural light in rather than turning the electric lights in your home. You can also switch to low energy bulbs too for when you do put your lights on in the evenings, but make sure you turn them off when you leave the room.

Reuse before you recycle

Many and most of your house hold items, even one labelled ‘single-use’ can and SHOULD be used several times. From plastic bags to plastic bottles and containers, they are very versatile and can be cleaned and reused before they are placed into the recycling bin.

Love you planet every day, save your planet every day.