The Importance of Food Packaging In A Post COVID World

The COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the importance of good hygiene practices, with constant reminders to wash our hands, use sanitizer and wear facemasks. These messages are helping to keep ourselves and surfaces clean, but what about things like food, which cannot be sanitized? This is where the value of food packaging comes in.

Despite the misconceptions, packaging is not only an advantageous addition but also a necessary requirement for some food items. Yet still many people do not understand these benefits, and often question the value of packaging – especially when it comes to food.

Packaging offers a more hygienic & convenient way to handle food, which has been particularly important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Loose food items are far more prone to contamination, decay and damage, as opposed to packaged goods, in which the packaging is helping to keep it fresher and safer for longer. Ensuring our food also has a good level of hygiene is paramount, and packaging is a low-cost easy way to help achieve this. Studies have proven that consumers have felt far more comfortable buying packaged goods at supermarkets, as there are fewer chances of the spread of infection through multiple touches – packaging once open can be simply disposed of, causing no effect to the consumption of food.

A very small amount of plastic can make a huge difference in terms of a food’s life span, this can be increased by up to 28 days, by helping keep food fresher for longer. By extending the longevity of an item with packaging, in turn, it will reduce the food waste levels and the methane levels which such waste produces in landfills. Extending the life of our food will only grow in importance when the 2022 mandatory household food-waste collections in food caddies are implemented.

We can supply both compostable food caddy liners to capture the food waste or food packaging to prevent the waste from the very source, whilst also having the capability to recycle plastic packaging – closing the plastic recycling loop. A small amount of plastic can not only help to keep food fresh but will keep it uncontaminated and safe.

Here are some more benefits that food-packaging provides us with.