Family fortunes

In a world dominated by global household names like Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, there’s often something reassuring about dealing with a smaller family business. It’s not just me who thinks that, it was a message we heard repeatedly when we exhibited at the recent Manchester Cleaning Show.

We’d gone to Manchester prepared to respond to a potential backlash against plastic products following all the recently negative publicity. People were certainly interested in our take on the situation, but we found that our credentials as a family business were a greater source of conversation.

Of course, big businesses are very successful and have much to offer – and we appreciate them as suppliers and customers – but sometimes it can be nice to know there’s a family ethos and values behind a company. It can make commitments to sustainability and customer service seem much more real.

Along with myself as managing director, my wife, Debbie, is a fellow director and sons Henry (business development manager) and Angus (office manager) are also part of the team.

We don’t think that’s the limit of family involvement though. When you’ve worked with people for over 10 years (and in some cases over 20 years) in a small company environment they become part of your extended family too. They certainly buy in to the company’s vision, values and priorities.

I’ve watched so many people grow and develop, personally and professionally, over the years and I’m proud that we can all share in Cromwell Polythene’s success. I think that’s something that comes across when you meet us at events like the Manchester Cleaning Show.