Cromwell’s Flexi-Pick for the GB Spring Clean 2021

GB Spring Clean - Litter picking bags available from Cromwell Polythene

The Daily Mail and Keep Britain Tidy are teaming up once again to help clean up the UK with their annual litter pick – the GB Spring Clean. For many years now the 2 organisations have joined to help clean up our countrysides, beaches, beauty spots, and streets – with the help of millions of others who have pledged to pick – we at Cromwell are no strangers to the GB Spring Clean.

Each year our team dedicates their time to help tackle the litter in our area. Armed with litter pickers, gloves, and bags we hit the streets, collecting all wrongfully discarded waste, making the area beautiful and litter-free once again. This year however it is slightly different and we are going the extra mile with the new ‘flexi-pick’ – a new take on our traditional litter picking activities.

GB Spring Clean - Litter picking bags available from Cromwell Polythene

As lockdown rules are still in place, our staff are all based at varying locations, some working in the Sherburn office, others based at the Alfreton factory and many working from the comfort of their own homes. Coupled with sticking to social distancing and other COVID safety measures, we would be unable to carry out our litter pick in our usual way. Instead, we devised the new ‘flexi-pick’ – this will allow for all our staff to take part in the clean up, regardless of their location.

We have made litter pickers and bags accessible at both our sites, Cromwell Polythene based in Leeds and CPR Manufacturing based in Derbyshire. We have also provided all staff working from home access to the appropriate equipment, so they can carry out a clean-up around their area too. Not only does this accommodate for all our staff to still safely take part in the GB Spring Clean, but it also allows us to carry out litter picks in more places – covering more area than we would in previous years.

This year the GB Spring Clean has the strapline ‘Million Mile Mission’, encouraging us all try to go the extra mile and help keep our planet tidy, clean, and beautiful.

Join the cause and pledge your time.

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Littering Picking bags available from Cromwell.