Cromwell Polythene – Covid-19 Virus Update

UPDATE: 17th May 2021:

As more sectors rebuild and rebound, having procedures in place to do so safely is a top priority, to protect staff and customers. Fluctuating supply and demand mean that careful timing of orders and deliveries is vital. Our friendly team is only a phone call away and is ready to offer support and advice on your recycling, waste management, and PPE requirements. Find out more in our latest blog


UPDATE: 3rd February 2021

Hope is on the horizon this year with vaccines being rolled out, but we must not become complacent. Strict hygiene and infection control procedures remain central to the line of defence. Here at Cromwell, we have a range of protective products to help prevent the spread of the virus. Find out more about how we can help in our current blog


UPDATE: 4th November

As England enters a second lockdown phase and with tighter restrictions introduced across the rest of the UK, we continue to work closely with our customers to support their requirements, whilst following government guidance.

Our warehouse, manufacturing, and distribution teams are working hard to support essential services and front-line key workers. Sales and administration teams are working from home where possible, with minimum staff remaining office-based. Please rest assured we are offering the same high level of service as always. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any information.


UPDATE: 10th August 2020

As many sectors are returning to work, having procedures in place to ensure that it is safe to do so is a top priority, to protect staff and customers.

Practical actions for ‘Working safely during coronavirus’, have been outlined by government and are continuing to be updated as part of a ‘roadmap to recovery’. Cafes, bars, restaurants, guest houses, and hairdressers, for instance, are starting to reopen this month, provided they can meet COVID-19 safety guidelines.

Steps that need to be followed include social distancing, heightened cleaning and hygiene procedures, use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and enhanced procedures for handling of laundry.  Safe waste management and recycling practices, including more provision of facilities to do so, and frequent collection, are also necessary.

We have a supply of PPE to help protect you, staff, customers etc. Masks, Aprons and Gloves can be ordered now, to ensure you are fully protected as well as you can be against the virus.#

With businesses reopening, there will also be a influx of waste and recyclables. Our waste, recycling and refuse sacks can help you prepare for this increase, by maintaining your stock levels.

UPDATE: 22nd May 2020

The government has set out its guidance for working safely during coronavirus to enable more people to go back to work, where they cannot work from home.

We have been proud to support organisations continuing to work through the COVID-19 crisis, with our warehouse, manufacturing and distribution teams working hard to support essential services and key workers. We’ve continued to provide them with vital supplies, including waste capture and containment products, and PPE to help fight against coronavirus.

To keep working safely during coronavirus we are continuing to follow government guidance and drawing upon support from our industry bodies, so that we:

• ensure that people on site always work safely and effectively, respecting social distancing rules and following the rigorous hygiene measures we have in place
• continue to provide support for those working from home and help them stay connected to the rest of the workforce

We are also in constant dialogue with our customers and suppliers, working together to maximise availability of products and planning for changes in future requirements as we adapt to a new business landscape, whether that be personal protective equipment, protective plastic sheeting and supply of refuse sacks, recycling bags and bin liners.

Cromwell Polythene has modified three of its extrusion lines to make film for standard, clear aprons to help with the PPE shortages, in addition to its standard PPE range.


UPDATE: Thursday, 2nd April

We would like to say a big thank you to our warehouse, manufacturing and distribution teams, who are working hard to support essential services and front-line key workers, providing them with vital supplies, including waste capture and containment products, and PPE to help fight against Covid19. We are ensuring our staff are safe and protected during these worrying times, by following WHO and PHE guidelines. As well as respecting the 2 metres distancing rule and rigorous hand washing, weve supplied our teams with masks, gloves and hand sanitiser to help keep them working safely.


UPDATE: Monday, 23rd March

COVID-19 Cromwell Polythene Business Continuity

  • We are experiencing high levels of enquiries and orders
  • Sales and administration teams are working from home where possible, with a minimum staff remaining office based
  • Our manufacturing in the UK and overseas are maintaining full production
  • Stock levels are good, although certain products are on allocation to cover regular customer requirements
  • The warehouse team are operating normally
  • To enable our warehouse and transport to operate as efficiently as possible, next day deliveries are suspended
  • We will continue to maintain good hygiene standards and ensure delivery drivers have access to hand washing facilities
  • Please see our website for updates
  • All non-essential customer and supplier visits have been cancelled or will be conducted through Teams, or conference call.
  • Site visits from contractors have been suspended.

What’s happening at Cromwell?


As you can imagine we are exceptionally busy at present, this could mean we could have some delays with our deliveries. Please bear with us during these unpredictable and worrying times.

  • The health and wellbeing of our employees, and our business partners employees is a top priority for us, second to that we are determined to operate ‘business as usual’, and will continue to fulfil customer orders and deal with requests and queries, as required..
  • We are supporting our staff as we continue to work as normally as possible, taking extra care and precautions to maintain a high standard of hygiene, following Public Health England and World Health Organisation guidance.
  • Incoming goods delivery drivers are requested to keep contact with our warehouse staff to a minimum, and use the hand washing facilities and sanitizers made available.
  • Cromwell delivery drivers are instructed to keep contact with customer staff to a minimum, use hand washing facilities where available, and in-cab hand sanitizers provided. We have made face masks available to all staff for use as appropriate.
  • Our field sales team will keep direct customer contact to a minimum, with visits only being made by customer request.
  • Our manufacturing and distribution channels continue to operate normally, with available capacity at all our factories including the UK.
  • We are in daily contact with our supply partners in the Far East, Middle East, Europe, and the UK. Currently, all our manufacturing partners continue to operate as normal, including China, where factories affected by government imposed travel restrictions following Chinese New Year are now back in full production since the end of February. Supply chain disruption is minimal, even from China, and now catching up.
  • Stock levels remain normal and replenishment orders are being fulfilled. We will continue to manage our stock by continuing to serve all customers with regular requirements whilst limiting ‘opportunity’ sales to sensible levels, taking into account on-going regular customer requirements and future stock availability.
  • We will continue to monitor the situation, review our strategy as necessary, and encourage our customers to keep going in the style of ‘business as usual’ as far as possible. Should the situation develop such that we are unable to operate normally, our business continuity plan will be implemented to ensure we are able to continue with a level of service to our customers, as required.

If you would like to speak to one of our friendly team, please feel free to get in touch.