Cromwell Polythene at the Cleaning Show to showcase redesigned disposable gloves and extensive portfolio of products to boost recycling

This month we’re delighted to be returning to the Cleaning Show (19-21 March at ExCeL) where we’ll be showcasing our extensive range of products to help make the world cleaner, greener and more economical.

Visitors to Stand C27 will be able to sample a re-designed version of our Wave® range of disposable gloves. These now have new, eye-catching packaging and a fresh logo that better promotes the products’ environmental and performance credentials.

The quality gloves are suitable for most cleaning applications and are food safe, which means they are highly effective for sanitising requirements within food contact areas. The disposable gloves are both latex and powder free, helping to minimise the occurrence of skin irritation. They provide the comfort and performance attributes of latex, but more cost effective and without the allergy issues with which the material is often associated.

Our LowCO2t™ refuse sack range will also be on display at the show. These products are engineered to provide maximum performance using minimal resources. This not only helps to reduce the volume of plastic used, it also helps by cutting carbon emissions during production and transportation.

Plastic packaging is one of the resources that is omnipresent within organisations, from personal protective equipment (PPE) and keeping food fresh, to lining bins and sanitary units. Using plastic waste sacks and bags makes it simple, safe, and hygienic to separate and collect waste effectively, for appropriate disposal or recycling, and we are proud to be a major supplier of cleaning and janitorial products to companies and distributors UK-wide.

Regular readers of my blog will know that I’ve been emphasising that, contrary to popular belief, using plastics has a very resource-efficient profile. Responsibly produced plastic packaging can have a high recycled content (up to 100%) and can be reprocessed many times, not only saving virgin material but associated energy as well. Where this is not practical, the calorific value can be recovered to generate electricity or heat at the end of their useful life, through energy from waste (EfW) plants.

Plastic packaging also brings value and efficiencies to the supply chain – weighing, on average, 4.5 times less than alternatives, including paper, cardboard, glass and metal, thus reducing transportation costs.

Cromwell Polythene is proud to be part of WRAP’s UK Plastic Pact, which brings together major brands and the plastics industry with a common vision and ambitious set of targets, to create a circular economy for plastics. The aim is to eliminate all avoidable plastic packaging waste and make all plastic packaging reusable, recyclable, recycled, or compostable, by 2025.

You can find out more about the environmental and performance credentials of plastics by visiting the Cromwell Polythene stand C27 at the Cleaning Show.