Clean & Green: a busy week for Cromwell

It has been a very busy start to the month, as we have embodied our theme of being ‘clean‘ for April. Last week, we set our sights on meeting our goal of a ‘cleaner, greener, and more resourceful planet’, as we attended the Manchester Cleaning Show, and collected local litter in aid of the GB Spring Clean. As we look back over the whirlwind of the past few days, it is great to see the successes in what we have been involved within.

The Manchester Cleaning Show

We attended our first exhibition of the year – the Manchester Cleaning Show, an event Cromwell has supported and exhibited at for over a decade.

The team could be found on stand D5, where we welcomed customers, prospects, and fellow industry experts to join us in some thought-provoking discussions. The show’s presence enabled us to talk about hot topics in waste and recycling, including the newly introduced plastic packaging tax, alongside other government legislation like EPR.

As well as having great discussions about these hot industry topics, it was also the perfect platform to showcase our newly consolidated product range. The Manchester Cleaning Show has been our first exhibition/event, since we confined our product offerings, with quality and performance in mind. Our newly designed product information packs, coupled with samples of the new range itself, proved to be a great talking point to customers and potential prospects. It allowed us to explain why we consolidated our range, and how it will benefit the customer – as well as being able to show them the new high quality of our refuse sacks and liners.

Alongside having our stand, MD James Lee, also presented his ‘Roadmap to Sustainability’ talk, on behalf of the CHSA. James’ explained the 5 pillars of sustainability, what they mean and how they can be achieved with sustainability in mind. A great audience joined James during his presentation, which also prompted great discussion during the Q&A session.

We had a tremendous 2 days at the show, and now looking forward to speaking to everyone we met in greater detail.

The GB Spring Clean

On Friday the 8th of April, the Sherburn in Elmet team organised 2 litter picks in aid of the GB Spring Clean. We have been taking part in the clean-up campaign for many years now, and even during the past 2 years’ COVID pandemics, we were able to organise litter picks around the local area.

Luckily this year saw no such restrictions and we were able to carry out our litter pick, freely, yet safely. We chose two areas of the local industrial estate which are known for their littered streets, laybys, and hedges. The high traffic in these areas has left this a litter hot spot, and there is no doubt in our minds that this waste has been discarded intentionally.

We organised both a morning and afternoon pick, in 2 different areas, and tracked our results to analyse the findings. The morning team headed to an area of the local industrial estate which is known as being a litter hotspot, due to the high traffic of pedestrians, workers, and drivers. The hedge in this area has recently been trimmed back and as a result exposed a lot of formerly hidden litter – this is where the team chose to tackle. 5 waste bags filled with litter was collected in just 45 minutes, including an extensive range of waste, from aluminum cans, wet wipes, glass bottles, coffee cups, plastic bottles, and food wrappers. Whilst an abundance of cigarette packets was found in this area, individual cigarette butts litter seems to have reduced since our last litter pick.

During our second litter pick, our team headed to a different part of the same industrial estate, another area known for its high litter levels. Here the team was inundated with cans, mainly of alcoholic beverages, and takeaway containers -indicating this could be a communal socialising area. Disposable BBQ’s and fireworks were 2 unusual items that we collected during this pick, which helped to fill 4 large bags of litter.

As well as our company litter picks, some staff members also carried out their own waste clean-ups in different areas. Purchasing Manager, Dean, carried out a weekend litter pick at Sherburn in Elmet Quarry – this is a high traffic area, and sadly also a high litter one. Most of the waste that Dean, alongside his family, collected was fly-tipped waste, including a mattress and children’s toys, alongside local takeaway containers and food waste. Around 8 bags of waste was captured during his short clean-up.

Dean was not alone in carrying out a weekend litter pick, as Julia our HR & Office Coordinator, took her own team of pickers in the form of her husband and 2 sons and their friends, and cleaned up the local park. Collecting litter from the play areas, cricket, and rugby pitch – Julia’s efforts, alongside Deans and other staff members, saw over 20 bags being collected throughout our litter picks.

Whilst it seemed in some areas that litter may have increased, it was good to see that there was a decrease in litter levels in others. In spite of all of this, the efforts that not just Cromwell but everyone who took part in this years GB Spring Clean, will make a huge difference to our planet

The past week has been a busy yet successful one for our team – and are now busy planning for more upcoming events, whilst always striving to reach ‘cleaner, greener, more resourceful’ goal.