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LowCO2t Boxes

Improving reuse and recycling with clear segregation strategies

In its annual survey of UK households’ recycling attitudes and behaviour, WRAP’s Recycling Tracker  2020 indicates levels of recycling are higher and more consistent than last year, but there is still room for improvement. For instance, on average UK households still dispose of 1.5 items that could be recycled into their rubbish collection. 82% mistakenly … Continued

Litter Pick GB September Clean

Show you love where you live!

As well as being an eyesore on our environment, litter discarded on our streets, or that enters our rivers and seas, can harm wildlife. In addition, items can contain toxic materials that are hazardous to our health. If illegally dumped, these can leach into water sources, contaminate the soil and pollute the air, contributing to … Continued

Film Extrusion - Cromwell Plastics Recycling

Extending our capacity to recover and reprocess waste polythene in the UK

Regular readers of our blog will know that, here at Cromwell Polythene we are passionate about helping businesses to capture and contain valuable resources, protecting the environment and stimulating the circular economy. That’s why we’re pleased that our manufacturing and recycling division, Cromwell Plastics Recycling, which has been part of Cromwell since January 2020, has … Continued

A responsible return to the workplace, helping people work safely

As many sectors are returning to work, having procedures in place to ensure that it is safe to do so is a top priority, to protect staff and customers. Practical actions for ‘Working safely during coronavirus’, have been outlined by government and are continuing to be updated as part of a ‘roadmap to recovery’. Cafes, … Continued

Making better use of resources by improving reuse and recycling

This month we are reminded of the need to protect and make better use of valuable resources through a number of awareness days, including World Environment Day and World Oceans Day. It’s vital that we work together to find solutions to protect our environment, combat climate change, and support a circular economy where we re-use, re-manufacture, … Continued

The Coronavirus Recovery Plan Must Address Climate Change

COVID-19 has resulted in countless changes to our daily lives, but as lockdown restrictions gradually ease, can we seize the opportunity for stronger action to protect our planet and build a greener future? The pandemic has cut climate change emissions – for now. Readings from air quality monitoring stations show that air pollution and C02 … Continued