As Lockdown Restrictions Ease, Waste Will Increase – 12th of April Ready

Today sees a new phase in the ease of lockdown restrictions being implemented. The rise in COVID cases in late 2020, saw the UK being put into a 3rd lockdown, however as COVID cases began to drop, the government announced a ‘Road Map’, which was a step by step process slowly easing the restrictions every 5 weeks. Today, the 12th of April sees the re-opening of many businesses throughout the health, beauty, retail & hospitality industry.

None-essential shops and outlets such as hairdressers, pubs (outside only), gyms, public buildings such as libraries, holiday venues, outdoor entertainment venues such as zoos and many more have now been allowed to re-open, whilst still under strict social distancing rules. With these industries now re-opening and being able to welcome customers and guests, one thing is for certain, waste levels will soon increase.

All sectors and industries produce waste, with the ease of lockdown restrictions and increase in footfall these levels are undoubtedly going to heighten. It is important to take waste management very seriously to help keep our planet a resourceful place to live, so ensuring you are effectively recycling should be a top priority.

Just like you are taking every precaution to keep your customer safe, you should also be prepared for an influx of waste and recycling by ensuring you have sufficient waste capture supplies. We have solutions for all waste collection needs, whether they are for food waste, recyclables or just general waste our extensive range will help ensure you are ready for your customer’s return.

Lockdown has seen an increase in household general waste and recycling, as sectors begin to re-open there will be a significant shift as more and more of us venture out. It is important you are prepared for this and have the appropriate resources ready to handle this rubbish.

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