Are you prepared for Lockdown 2.0?

The Government announced last week that England will go into a second lockdown for 4 weeks from Thursday 5th November. As the cases throughout the UK began to rise over the last few months, it seemed inevitable that’s something like this would happen, but still came as a shock to many individuals and businesses. Unlike the first lockdown, this one does have an end date – December 2nd, a light at the end of the tunnel for some, however with the unpredictability of the pandemic and the situation means that this could even then still get extended.

White Wave® Aprons - Cromwell Polythene Ltd

Cromwell Polythene is a strong team of Key Workers, here for you throughout lockdown – still supplying our products and the same quality of service. We have taken all precautionary measures into place to ensure the full safety of staff, with members of our team set up with the capability to work from home – with the same thorough health and safety measure still in place throughout our website, as that has been throughout the pandemic.

The Government confirmed that those involved in the production and distribution of cleaning and hygiene products are classified as essential workers. Our teams and products are on hand to help stop the spread of the virus and keeping staff and others with our highly protective and effective PPE, clinical waste products are more. Our wide range of refuse sacks and bin liners will also keep any potentially contaminated or infected materials enclosed and contained.

Several of our liners contain an antimicrobial additive by Biomaster – this Sansafe® additive is added during the film extrusion process, the bags are protected against harmful bacteria and it is proven to reduce growth by up to 99.99%. To mask any unpleasant smells we also have bags which enhanced a scent additive – Scentmaster® pine tree fragrance – helps mask unpleasant odours, both inside and outside the liners.

Cromwell Polythene - Disposable GlovesWe have a range of PPE including disposable gloves (blue nitrile, vinyl, and synthetic), aprons, and water-soluble strip laundry bags. All our PPE products are in our Wave range, which guarantees their high quality.  Whilst our waste and recycling sacks are all now supplied within our LOWCO2T range. LOWCO2T products are manufactured to provide maximum performance using minimal resources. This not only helps to reduce the volume of plastic used, but it also helps by cutting carbon emissions during production and transportation.

Are you fully stocked up with the correct waste, recycling and PPE applications to keep you safe and your waste well managed throughout lockdown 2? If you need any replenishments on your stock, call Cromwell Polythene – our teams are working continuously throughout to ensure you have everything you require.